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Real Flowers iPhone Case ™️

Real Flowers iPhone Case ™️

Real Flowers iPhone Case ™️

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Do You Love Flowers? 🌼

Then you´ll Love this beautiful iPhone Case designed with REAL dried flowers to decor your favorite companion.

Stunning and colorful flower options to choose from. We are confident that you´ll find the right Flower color for you. In fact, just between us, we have a Special Buy 2 or more, Get 15% OFF Offer on the entire order, so you get to buy different designs for a big discount :).

Unique Design

  • It is made of high quality and durable materials so you can enjoy the beauty of the flowers for a long time.
  • A design that not only looks good, but it also feels Comfortable on the hand.
  • Flowers specially treated with a safe drying process, to maintain the color and vividness of the floral beauty.
  • Wide variety of iPhone Models selection, ranging from the the iPhone 6s, up to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. And yes, we will also have designs for the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup once they release :).

Word of Mouth

This is what some of our customers say:




And if you still don´t believe us that this is the Best iPhone Case ever, just take a look at some of our customer´s testimonials at the end of the site...

Shipping & Handling


Untited States: 5-9 Business Days (Please allow 2-3 Days processing time as this item is in very high demand)

UK, Canada, Australia: 9-15 Business Days Please allow 2-3 Days processing time.

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